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Chicken Marsala

Many people overlook this richly palatable Italian dish as being too complicated or pricy to make. This is so far from the truth. Although Marsala wine may be a tad costly, a little goes a long way. The rest of this recipe is inexpensive, doesn't require much preparation and you don't need to be a Michelin star chef to prepare.


For 4 people


  • 2 4 oz. boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • 1/2 cup(s) vegetable, peanut, safflower or any kind of oil you prefer
  • 3 teaspoon(s) dried crushed basil
  • 2 slices canadian bacon, julienned
  • 1 teaspoon(s) minced garlic in oil
  • 1/4 cup(s) thinly sliced green onion
  • 1/2 cup(s) sliced mushrooms
  • 1/4 cup(s) marsala wine
  • 1/2 cup(s) chicken or vegetable broth
  • 1/4 cup(s) heavy cream (or light)
  • 2 tablespoon(s) butter or margarine
  • parmesan cheese
  • buttered pasta or noodles

Chicken Marsala Directions

  1. Mix olive oil and basil together in a bowl. Between 2 sheets of film wrap, pound out the chicken breasts to about 1/2-inch thick with the bottom of a small frying pan, mallet or rolling pin. Dip and coat chicken in the flavored oil and let sit for 5 minutes.
  2. In a large skillet, over medium-high heat, place the chicken breasts in hot pan after removing from oil. Don't worry about shaking much excess oil from the chicken, we will need this oil in a moment. When browned well on one side, turn and cook other side or breast until done and quite browned, about 2-3 minutes per side. The chicken is even better when cooked outside on a grill. Remove chicken from pan and keep warm while making Marsala sauce.
  3. With pan still on heat, add garlic and onion and cook until onion is soft. Add prosciutto and mushrooms: cover and saute until vegetables are tender, about 3 minutes. Add Marsala wine and broth, reduce heat to medium low, and continue cooking another five minutes, uncovered, or until sauce has been reduced and beginning to thicken. Add cream and cook an additional 3-4 minutes, stirring frequently, until reduced until thickened even more. Turn heat off but keep skillet on burner. Add butter and stir until melted.
  4. Serve by arranging breasts on serving platter and ladle Marsala sauce over the top. Sprinkle Parmesan cheese over the top. Serve with hot buttered noodles or pasta with more Parmesan cheese sprinkled over the top.