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Yanked Strawberry-Lemon Syllabub

An Ancient Drink, Yanked!

For many, many generations, our Yankee ancestors have enjoyed this beverage even before bringing it over when settling our shores. There have been references to it being prepared by taking a pail of apple cider(about half-full) and bringing this pail to the barnyard. Grabbing a stool, they would place this apple cider under the cows udder and squirt the warm milk directly from the cows udder into the cider. Many historians laugh at this preparation and say this wasn't done. That our ancestors made light of Syllabub by directing all future readers to their sense of humor. If you are a New England Historian to any degree, then you would understand that our ancestors had very little humor(if any) when it came to writing down how food was prepared. And this is reference was no exception. This is, indeed, how syllabub was made, for a time anyway.

More often though, our Puritan forebears made Wine Syllabub, which was not only sweet, but after every drink, of course you wanted more.

While we can use electric beaters, food processors or blenders today, thin twigs were used to do the whipping generations ago. Believe it or not, after about 15 minutes of continued beating with these bound twigs(as old recipes dictate) you will have a thick, frothy Syllabub.

Many chefs that try to replicate the ancient Syllabub will do so and make the 'frothy' part as thick as whipped cream, which is NOT how this should be made. All old recipes call for 'frothy' results. So when preparing Syllabub, just make sure it is very lightly whipped, but still pourable. This is so light and refreshing that I would never change that original aspect of the recipe.

I have, however, altered it to conform to today's taste, and I think you will thoroughly enjoy this summertime beverage. As simple as this beverage is, I will say it far out-flavors today's smoothies. I adore the texture of the slightly thickened cream on top of the strawberry puree.


For 4 people


  • 8 ounce(s) heavy cream
  • Grated zest and juice of 1 lemon
  • 4 tablespoon(s) light corn syrup or honey
  • Strawberry Puree:
  • 1 quart(s) fresh strawberries, hulled
  • 2 tablespoon(s) corn syrup, honey or 2 t. lime juice

Yanked Strawberry-Lemon Syllabub Directions

  1. Beat heavy cream just until lightly thickened, on high, about 2 minutes. Add lemon zest, juice and corn syrup, beat 10 seconds longer.
  2. Cut strawberries in quarters and add to a food processor or blender with corn syrup, puree until smooth, about 20-30 seconds.
  3. To prepare, spoon the strawberry puree into the bottom of 4 glasses and top with cream mixture. Decorate as preferred and serve immediately.