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Why a PINK chef's coat?

Simply put, I carry my Dad's legacy with me through my cookbook, cooking and everyday I am writing my food columns, he is always with me. I carry my Mom with me through a silent reminder of her struggle with breast cancer that took her life, as well as the lives of many other women who have dealt with, and are still dealing with, this horrible affliction. Besides, why not pink? It makes a man look good!

Curdled(Sour or Soured) Milk

Truly the worlds FIRST "hard" beverage. Well, not hard in the sense of alcoholic, but fermented, in a way. Curdled milk adds such great flavor to any recipe that requires baking and leavening at the same time. My father(the second Yankee Chef)made his own curdled milk when making biscuits for Strawberry Shortcake in lieu of prepared buttermilk. Pancakes also benefit from this addition as well as pound cake, sweet breads, coffee cakes and anywhere you would use buttermilk.

I will give a rundown on all the benefits of curdled milk in a separate post, but in the meantime, this is all you need to do.....and have on hand.


For 1 Batch(es)


  • 1 cup whole milk(any cream will also work)
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice or vinegar

Curdled(Sour or Soured) Milk Directions

  1. Mix the two together and set in the warmest part of your kitchen. Check every 15 minutes if needed for a recipe. The length of time varies according the the temperature of the room and milk. I usually turn on my oven and when I feel it getting hot, I turn it off, place my cup of milk and acid inside, close the door and wait. This is the quickest way.
  2. Use in a recipe when you are able to lift out a spoonful of this  coagulant without it falling apart. Once nice little clump of milk when lifted is perfect.
  3. For a great summertime recipe using this recipe, see my Drop Berry Shortcake.